On acting…

To channel human’s spirit, to be humanness in all it’s glorious forms. One can act, be courageous, be strong and hold one’s ground when all the energies of creation blast together to bring forth the miracle of life. In the scene… life living, is a sacred act and the pure joy to go trough all that, to be a pure and sacred vessel that one is intent to be in that moment.

Acting becomes a pure form of connection and a joyous co-creation… ready to fill all life with divinity’s essence and all journeys with sacred love. It encourages me, to be and be courageous enough to step aside and let all that already is and will never be, come forth into existence.
To me that’s the miracle of the act of life.

Acting, movies, and the stories we tell… like all of creation is an expression or reflection of this miracle. To come to an understanding with being human and life, one can find a touch, a knowing, a feeling and eventually an instant understanding. Then all the rest seizes to be, fullness of life returns and one is ready to even more fully be. I call this inspiration, for it is the ending of separation and the birth of life.